Red Bull put some adrenalin over Iguazu Falls


Fly along with the Brazilian to get a completely new view of the world’s largest waterfalls system.

It is not every day that someone paraglides over one of the seven wonders of the natural world, but Rafael Goberna has done just that and taken acrobatic paragliding to a whole new level.

In a unique experience, Goberna spent a few minutes soaring through the air high above the turbulent waters of Iguazu Falls in his home country of Brazil, the world’s largest waterfalls system, before splashing down for a water landing in the Iguazu River.

Goberna headed to the natural wonder with the hope of honouring Santos Dumont, who first visited the great falls over 100 years ago and became one of the greatest supporters of the Iguazu Falls National Park. The result is probably one of the coolest tributes to someone we’ve ever seen.



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